Kumi is a true global coach with over 2,000 hours coaching leaders in all levels of the organization from new managers to the C-suite. She has worked in the US for over 15 years and has coached in a wide variety of industries including global insurance, multi-national banks and media in both the US and Japan.

In addition to coaching, Kumi has over 8 years of experience working as a global consultant and corporate facilitator with expertise in global leadership, team effectiveness, cross-cultural conflict, leading in diverse environments, and organizational and talent development.

小林久美 法人研修 バイリンガル研修

She is passionate about being a catalyst for transformation, making positive differences in her clients’ lives inside and outside of work, their teams and organizations. She facilitates/coaches in both Japanese and English.

She lives in Tokyo with her husband and daughter. She enjoys playing music with her family and loves to challenge herself to cook all sorts of international cuisine.

■ A seasoned facilitator and executive coach working with major companies
  and organizations in Japanese and English for 9 years.
■ International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
■ Graduate of the Advanced Coaching Program, Coach U (USA)
■ Graduate of Team Flow Professional Coach School, and Facilitator Program (Japan)
■ EQ Assessor, Six Seconds
■ B.A. in English (Kyoto, Japan)

◆Workshop, Team facilitation, Group Coaching
◆Executive Coaching
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Kimberly Wiefling, Global Team Effectiveness Consultant, Silicon Valley, USA http://wiefling.com

KUMI as FACILITATOR: If you want to work with someone who is intelligent, compassionate, and fully committed to mutual benefit and optimal results, work with Kumi Kobayashi. Kumi is blazingly intelligent, broadly experienced, and sincerely compassionate. As a facilitator, she has great range – facilitating the creation of a project schedule as easily as she facilitates a role play or deep group discussion.

KUMI as COACH: As a coach, she has excellent instincts and makes wise choices. Having experienced coaching from world class professionals, I can confidently say that Kumi is the best “thinking partner” I’ve ever had. A session with Kumi brings clarity, commitment, and rapid results afterward.

PARTNERING with KUMI: Partnering with Kumi enables me to confidently take necessary risks in the service of our shared goals. Working with her makes me feel that I could jump off a cliff without a parachute, and she’d find a way to get the parachute to me on the way down and assure that I safely land. That kind of collaboration is rare and precious!

What’s possible? Work with Kumi and find out!

Michael Shell, President & Consultant, GLPA, Tokyo, Japan

I have worked with Kumi at Global Leadership Partners Asia for multiple projects as a Leadership Facilitator and Leadership Coach for over a year. She is a fun, dynamic and intelligent professional with an uncanny ability to connect with almost anyone. Always upbeat and positive, she motivates leaders to transform their self-limiting beliefs in order to think and act in new ways, previously unavailable to them. She has a high level of emotional intelligence, is fully bi-lingual (Japanese and English) and has advanced collaboration skills. I strongly recommend her for leadership development facilitation and coaching work.

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